Elements Candle Collection 8 oz Vessel-Invigorated, Awaken & Sensational

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These are our Elements Candle Collection

Each scent is picked out and customized by all three of the founder's children.

The Invigorated candle will get you moving, the citrus, herbal and flowery scent will get you going. If you need strength and energy, this is for you. The lovely scent throw will surely take effect on you. This scent is like no other.

The Awaken candle is the perfect candle to get your senses rejuvenated. It's sweet orange citrus scent combined with a hint of the woodsy, flowery aroma is enough to make any space feel like you are spending it at a day spa.

The Sensational candle is so different you would want to try this flowery lavender, spicy with a hint of woody aroma and citrus scent

Our candles are 100% natural soy and infused with natural 100% essential oils. The essential oils are therapeutic grade.

We use eco candle wicks that are made from pure natural cotton and paper without any chemicals or heavy metals which are safer, and healthier to use. The ECO wicks are smokeless. No black smoke or odor, burns longer and it has burning stability when lit. These wicks are made in the USA.

As always keep out of children's reach and never leave a candle unattended.

Add a Luxurious Scent to your space!