Room Spray with Odor Eliminator

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Odor Eliminator Room Spray

Each scent is picked out and customized by all three of the founder's children.

This 2 OZ Luxurious Elements odor eliminator room spray will eradicate those unwanted odors.

 INVIGORATED Odor Eliminator Room Spray consists of, citrus orange, herbal and flowery scent will get you moving. 

AWAKEN Odor Eliminator Room Spray consists of citrus, woodsy and flowery scents that will leave a nice aroma like no other will rejuvenate those senses.

SENSATIONAL Odor Eliminator Room Spray consist of citrus, flowery lavender, spicy with a woody aroma that is almost indescribable and pleasant.

DISTINGUISHED Odor Eliminator Room Spray consists of woodsy, sweet, spicy and floral aroma. This scent has a distinguished scent. The scents help to give you tranquility, relaxation, balance the mind.

If spraying room spray on any flooring such as carpet, ceramic tiles, or furniture, we recommend customers perform a patch test first. Floors may become slippery.  Reminder, if using on delicate apparel do a Spot Check. Luxurious Elements is not responsible for slips or stains.

The room spray can be used in an array of areas, such as the car, bedrooms, powder rooms, closets, pet beds, hotels and more.

The ingredients consist of Water, Natural therapeutic essential oils,  Natural Aroma Counteractants, Alcohol, Polysorbate 20.

The Natural Odor Counteractants is zinc and quaternary ammonium salts.  100% Natural Essential Oils. The essential oils are therapeutic grade.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

As always do not spray around fire, it can be flammable.

Before each use shake well. Hold the bottle upright and mist the areas needed.

DO NOT SPRAY ON THE SKIN! Some essential oils can irritate the skin.

Luxurious Elements Company hope you enjoy this lasting aroma The Invigorated Room Spray.