Elegant Black and Gold Tray with Matching Coaster Set

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This elegant black and gold rectangular 14 x 10in acrylic hand painted, wooden decorative tray with Resin. The tray is painted using an acrylic pour painting technique and sealed with resin and gloss glaze to protect against wear and tear. The tray and coasters have a protective ware to prevent scratches. The bottom of the tray has been covered in food grade resin.  The outside of the tray has been painted and coated in a gloss sealer.

The coasters are 4 x 4 ceramic hexagon that are hand painted and coated in food grade resin.

This tray can be used in an array of areas.

Take care of your Luxurious Elements by wiping them down with warm water. Do not put them in the dishwasher. Use a microfiber cloth for dusting.

Note: These trays will be priced differently, depending on work that’s done.

Add Luxurious Elements to any space!


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