Bronzer II

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This art-piece is called Bronzer II, the color combinations on this piece will definitely have your guest looking more than once! This will surely captivate you and put you in a trans. This art-piece reminds me to always shine like a light! 

This painting is hand poured fluid art in acrylic white, metallic gold and bronze and rust. The painting is coated in epoxy resin to give it extra shine and protection.

  • Length: 30
  • Width: 40
  • Thickness: 3/4"

The canvas has gallery styled edges, which means the art can be displayed with or without a frame.

If you would like custom colors, please contact me by email to discuss your custom order. Remember, each art-piece is unique in its own way.

These items are great gifts for a wedding, a birthday, anniversary, retirement, promotion, or for your home or office.

 Each art-piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Add Luxurious Elements to any space!