Personal Folding Table- Tray in the photo is a display Contact for custom orders.

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This table tray is not for sale. Please inquire if you are in need of having a Folding Trade Made.

The folding table can be redesigned with an acrylic pour and sealed in epoxy. The table is water resistant and stain resistant.

Each table tray is different and unique in their own way.

The Folding tables come in a one, a set of two or four.

This versatile TV trays can be ordered incriments of one is $60.00 sets of two for $120.00 or set of four for $240.00 can be used for an array of things around the house.
Use the tray to for a computer, to serve snacks, or use in a workspace.
This set features steel hardware.
The folding TV tray table is convenient for easy storage.

Please contact for custom colors.

Add Luxurious Elements for any space!