Decorative Round Gold and White Tray

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This Luxurious Decorative tray can be used any way you like. This tray is so versatile. 

This Luxurious serving/decorative tray in metallic gold and white is hand poured in acrylic and hand trimmed in gold leaf foil to accent the edges and has gold handles.  The decorative tray has been covered in food grade resin. The shine is beautiful.

Resin used on all trays and charcuterie boards is food-safe, in compliance with FDA regulations.

Item is made of wood, 
Diameter: 19.5 inch

Thickness: 0.05"

Take care of your Luxurious Element by hand wiping them gently with warm water, use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.  Dust with a microfiber cloth. 

Add Luxurious Elements to any space!